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Caribbean Stud Payouts and Strategies

January 11, 2017

Many players who enjoy the thrills of poker will be pleased with the variations that are offered at an online casino. One of the popular games that can be played is Caribbean Stud and this game can offer some great odds and payouts. Players will place an Ante bet prior to any cards being dealt and side bets can also be placed. When the game starts, players will get five cards and the dealer will receive one card. The player will then make a decision on whether to fold or play the game, which will require a raise. The dealer will then receive their remaining cards and the payouts are distributed based on whether the dealer qualified with their hand.

With this game, the dealer must have a King or better to qualify. Should the dealer not qualify, all ante bets are paid 1:1 and the bet will push. With a qualifying hand, players will win based on the rank of their poker hand as long as it beats that of the dealer. If the dealer has a better h and, the ante and bet amounts are lost. If there is a tie in hands, there is a push on both bets and if players have a better hand, they win 1:1 on the ante bet and other payouts on the bet placed. A Royal Flush will offer a 100:1 payout, a straight flush is worth 50:1, four of a kind pays 20:1, full house pays 7:1, a flush will pay 5:1, straights pay 4:1, three or a kind pays 3:1, two pairs will offer 2:1 and one pair or a high card will pay even money.

With Caribbean Stud, players simply have to decide whether to fold or play the hand. While this may seem like a simple decision, it is not always clear to the player what they should do. Basic strategy states that if the player has a worse hand than the dealer, they should fold. If there is a pair or better in the player hand, they should raise their bet. Other betting strategies can be employed as players become more experienced with the game, but this basic strategy will benefit any new player at the Caribbean Stud poker table.

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