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Split Strategy with Blackjack

April 19, 2017

When playing blackjack online, players will have many different features that can be used depending on the game variation that has been selected. One of the features that is offered with many games of blackjack is the ability to split a hand. Splitting is a great option as it can create two separate hands, offering another way for players to collect payouts. Players will be given the chance to split when they are dealt cards that are of the same value. It is not required for the hand to be split, but in some cases it will be beneficial to do so. Here, we discuss the proper strategy when splitting, which will inform players on when to split a hand and when to play it as a normal blackjack hand.

The basic strategy is to split hands that contain Aces or Eights. Always avoid splitting hands that are made of fours, fives and tens and always split any other pair. The only time players should not split other pairs is when the dealer is showing an eight or better with their revealed card. For example. If players are dealt two eights, the total of the hand is 16, which is not considered a strong blackjack hand. Hitting will usually result in a bust and standing will not provide a hand strong enough to beat the dealer in most cases. With splitting, players will have the chance to have the value of their hands increased to 18 if they draw a 10 card on both 8s. This is a much better situation and can offer more chances to win.

In the case of having a pair of 5s, there is no sense splitting these pairs as it will always result in a weak hand, it is better to hit and hope for a ten card that will boost the hand value to 20. In regards to when the dealer has a card that is eight or better and the player has a pair, the dealer is usually in the position to have a hand value of 18 when they reveal the other card. This is a strong hand that often results in a loss for the player, so there is no point in splitting and doubling the wager with the high potential to lose.

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