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UseMyBank - Top Rated Canada Player Deposit & Withdrawal Option for Casinos

UseMyBank is Canadian-based, and offers the opportunity for consumers to make purchases online with a high degree of safety and security. One of the best things about UseMyBank is the fact that there is never any need to have you credit card information shared with those merchants with whom you are conducting a transaction, and such anonymity has proven to be something that is very popular with people who wish to open accounts at online casinos.

That is to say, at least those who want to make quick deposits and don't care about anything else. UseMyBank customers have to work out a different way to receive their winnings from an online casino, because they cannot get a withdrawal through this method.

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More About UseMyBank

The way that UseMyBank works is that it uses your bank to make payments for you; hence the name. It does not operate on credit, obviously, but only requires that you have money in your bank account. In other words, it is the difference between having a credit card and a debit card, and you make purchases in the same way you would if you were using a credit card.

What the process amounts to, in effect, is a debit that comes out of your bank account. And as anyone who has a debit card knows, that transaction is posted instantly. Of course, this means that when there is a transaction with an online casino, the customer, who is often clicking an affiliate link and making what amounts to an impulse buy, can get into the action very quickly. This offers a tremendous amount of convenience when you are trying to do casino business.

There is a tremendous amount of security as well. UseMyBank commits itself to the policy that it will not share your personal information with outside parties; in this case, that would certainly apply to online casinos. Such information is obviously retained by UseMyBank, but they do not archive it on the site.

You do not have to pay UseMyBank to use its services. Setting up an account is free, and sending funds to merchants is free as well. In fact, it is the merchant on the other end who pays the fee.

All you need to provide UseMyBank with is a valid email address and telephone number, which, as mentioned, is not shared with anyone.

Here is the only glitch with UseMyBank: although it is certainly an extremely convenient way to deposit money into a casino account, it does not work the other way. In other words, you cannot make withdrawals through it. So there is going to have to some other way, whether it is by check or a bank transfer. If that is what you are trying to avoid, then you need to take this into consideration.

Customers often need support, and UseMyBank offers it on a 24/7 basis. There is an email you can send questions to, and the support department can also be reached by phone. A toll-free number is available for North American customers (1-888-706-2265), and there is also a call-back service, where you'll fill out an email entry form and get a call back from them.