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Conflicting Hands in Video Poker

January 14, 2015

When playing video poker in an online casino, players will often hold conflicting hands and will not know which decision to make. Video poker is a popular game amongst Canadian players as it offers the best odds in the online casino. Many of the leading online casinos that cater to Canadian players will have a great variety of video poker games, but all of these can at some point offer conflicting hands, which is why players need to know what to do when they are holding certain cards. Video poker games can be won using basic strategies, but new players may not be completely familiar with these. This is why it is essential to be able to identify a conflicting hand and know exactly what to do when the situation arises.

While conflicting hands can be complex, there are not many of them, so it should be easy to learn and remember what to do in these cases. The simplest of all conflicting hands is choosing the highest winning point. Some players will hold hands that are winners but will also have the possibility of drawing cards that will in fact improve that hand. The basic rule is to never break any winning combination unless the player has three or four cards that can lead to a Royal Flush.

Another conflict that players will face is choosing between a straight flush, flush or full house. This choice will all depend on the cards that were originally dealt to the player. When there are four cards to a flush instead of four cards to a straight flush, players should always select the flush cards and discard any low pairs that may be with them. However, when a hand has four cards to a straight flush, keep the lower pair and discard remaining cards.

There will come a time when all players will hold a conflicting hand when playing video poker and the goal is to go for the hand that will offer the best payouts without sacrificing an automatic win. By learning which cards to hold and knowing the pay table of the game, players can easily determine which cards should remain in the hand and which should be discarded. After a bit of practice, players will soon known exactly how to deal with these common conflicting hands.

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