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Multi-Hand Video Poker Games for Canadians

January 28, 2015

Many Canadian players who access online casinos will head to the selection of slot games, but since these games do not offer an edge for players, some will realise they are not the best choice. Those that have played online or in any land based casino will already know that video poker games are the best games to play. They offer the lowest house edge and players can employ different strategies to complete winning hands. With video poker, bankrolls will last longer and players will have better chances at winning.

Since video poker is such a popular game in online casinos, software providers have taken much tome in developing different variations of the game. It is not uncommon for a player to enter a site and find there are more than 15 video poker games that are supported. Each of the games have different pay tables and will use some special cards. The game itself is always played in the same manner, where players will try to create the best ranking poker hand possible. Standard video poker games are exciting and rewarding, which is why the top developers have introduced multi-hand video poker.

With a multi-hand game, players will increase the action by playing more than one hand at a time. Depending on the software that is being used at the casino, players can select between 4 and 100 hands with a multi-hand game. One thing that players should know is that a wager must be placed on all hands in play, so these games do cost more initially, but they offer amazing chances to win. Many video poker games have a payout rate of over 100%, so these games can surely benefit any real money player when playing more than one hand per game.

Once players choose a game and select the number of hands to play and their wager, the game will deal five cards in a large playing area. Players will see that the cards to be held will be indicated. This is where multi-hand games differ from single hand games. At this time, all held cards will be transferred to the same position in all hands that are being played. For example, if players held the 9, 10 and Jack of Hearts in the main hand, these three cards will also be held in all hands, so the chances of drawing two cards to complete a combination are increased by the number of hands in play, making it possible to win huge payouts multiple times with a single bet.

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