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Number of Decks in Casino Games

December 16, 2015

Card games are very popular at online casinos and players are always looking for the games that will offer the best chances at winning. This is why players need to be aware of the number of decks being used in games. Poker games typically use a single deck of cards while games like baccarat and blackjack can use multiple decks. The actual number of decks that is being used will affect the house edge, so it is essential for players to have this information when they are choosing games.

It is also important for players to consider the number of variations being offered at the casino. Microgaming casinos usually offer a large number of blackjack games, with some casino sites having 10 or more games. The number of decks used in these games will range from 1 to 8. There are also some games that offer single hand versions that use 1 deck and a multi-hand version of the same exact game that will use 5 or more decks. In regards to Microgaming Baccarat, the standard version of the game is played with a single deck while the high limit game uses 8 decks.

With blackjack games, the house edge will be increased as more decks are used. The house edge, or advantage is the percentage of every dollar wagered that the casino will retain and not pay back to the player. It is quite obvious that players will want to play games with a lower house advantage, so they will have to find games that use fewer decks of cards. For example, with Vegas Downtown Blackjack, a version using 8 decks offers a house edge of 0.64%, but a game using 2 decks has an advantage of only 0.40%. If there is just a single deck being used, the house advantage almost disappears at 0.01%. In this case, a single deck option would be best, but this is not always the case. Players will have to take time to review the house edge of the different games before making any decisions.

Many new players do not realise that the number of decks used in a game can alter the advantage for the casino and reduce chances for the player. This is why it is essential to take time to learn everything possible about any game before betting real money.

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