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Overview of Baccarat Variations

October 22, 2014

Baccarat has been one of the most played games for many years and in land based casinos, this game attracts high rollers. However, when playing online, any player can enjoy the game and will also benefit from different variations being supported. The actual Baccarat games that are available will depend on the software being used by the casino, but players should be aware of the different variations and understand the differences between the games.

Mini Baccarat has become a popular choice online and this game is played on smaller tables, which are quite similar to a blackjack table. With this game, only 7 players are allowed at the table and there is one croupier. Mini Baccarat follows all the standard rules of Baccarat and offers a variety of betting limits to appeal to any player. When playing mini Baccarat online, the game will appear in a separate window, actually allowing players to play two casino games at one time, one being the baccarat game and the other being the player’s choice.

European Baccarat has two distinct differences from American Baccarat. With the European version of the game, players can select drawing or standing of they have an initial hand value of 5. European Baccarat also uses the Banker when selecting the draw. However, the banker plays the game following the American Baccarat rules.

Chemin de Fer is an interesting Baccarat variation and it is very popular amongst French players. With this version, players will not place bets on the banker or the player. The role of the banker will rotate around the table and can be any player at the table. Should players not want to play the role of the banker, they can pass and the shoe will be passed to the next player. There is one croupier used and they are there to ensure the game is being played fairly. They play no other role in the game.

While these Baccarat games do have some slight differences, any player that knows and understands the basic rules of Baccarat can enjoy any variation. With these different games, players can enjoy a slight change from the standard game and still have some great opportunities to collect payouts.

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