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Pros and Cons of Three Reel Slots

June 17, 2015

Almost every player who has played online will have experienced playing a slot machine in the past. Slots are the easiest games to play and they are also the most popular in land and online casinos. There are a few different types of slot machines that can be found in any casino, but here, we learn of the benefits and drawbacks of playing a traditional slot machine, or one that offers just three reels of action. These are the most basic form of a slot machine and that are also referred to as Vegas style slots. With these games, there are just three reels, though there can be anywhere from 1 to 5 paylines.

The number of winning combinations that are possible will increase with more reels in play, but three reel slots remain a top choice for a number of players. These games may not be the most exciting online or in a land based casino, but there are some great benefits to playing a classic slot machine. The first is the ease of playing. These games are very simple and usually have just a few symbols in use. This makes it easy to determine what is needed for a payout. It is also cheaper to play these games since they have fewer paylines than a video slot. Three reel slots are a great choice for beginners. The games are not overwhelming, but they can still offer some impressive payouts when played for real money. These games are preferred by players who like a simple game and do not seek highly detailed or animated games. Many of these games will include a basic bonus round, which can increase payouts and a number of games have wilds. Fans of traditional themed games that use bars, bells and cherries will favour traditional slot machines.

While there are advantages, there are also drawbacks to these games. They tend to become repetitive and boring over time since there is not a lot of action or bonus features on the game. There are also fewer betting options when playing these games, which is a downfall for those that like to increase bets when winnings and decrease them when losing.

Traditional slot games remain popular for many players, but one will find that he newer video slots are the games that are packed with action and offer the most entertainment.

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