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Tips for Winning Blackjack

May 13, 2014

Many Canadian players access an online casino to enjoy the thrills of playing blackjack. This is one of the most popular games and it also offers the lowest house edge. When playing blackjack, there are certain strategies that should always be employed. By learning a bit about the game, players will discover there are different things that can be done to increase the chances of winning hands at the blackjack table. For new players, it is suggested to take advantage of some free blackjack games online. These are risk free and will allow new players to have time to practice the game.

The next thing to do is choose the right game. Each version of blackjack has different player odds, so most players will start with classic blackjack. When choosing a table, always play where the maximum bet is less than 5% of eh bankroll. This will allow players to play longer without losing all of their money in a short time. Take time, either on low limit tables or practice games to learn the basic strategies of the game. Basic strategies are the keys to winning at blackjack and it is essential for new players to memorise these to enhance their game.

Avoid insurance bets when possible. These bets are best suited for card counters. Insurance will deplete the bankroll and does not often offer positive results. Most experienced players will always avoid placing an insurance bet when playing online.

When it comes to splitting, there are certain pairs that should always be split. These include aces and eights. Always avoid splitting any pairs of face cards or tens. It is also important o know when to hit or stand when playing the game. Hit until a hand of 17 is reached. Always stand on 17 and hot on a soft 18 if the dealer is showing a 10.

By following these simple tips, new players will be off to a great start and will be able to enjoy this exciting and rewarding casino game online. Blackjack remains one of the most popular table games offered, so players who have an interest will surely benefit from learning these tips and applying them to their game online. When playing blackjack, always maintain a budget and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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